A summer meal

I’m bothered by this bite
It itches and twitches
I wish it would leave

I apply the cream and wait
Watching the White
Cover the red and cool

It’s irritating and pulsating
One day the skin will heal
Prepared for another meal


Your hike

It’s a worry to know
That one day- stop- not grow
That all the sweat and ozzing huffing
Will all spark up to nothing.
That our beaten gold
No longer – bought and sold-
The dragging dictating hike
Guilded grass- Never built alike

It’s a shame to know
After endless dreams of a glow
That we may never see the sight
Of the distant growing light


Shame on you
You Theifs of us and them
You who rely on the robbery
and wear the shroud of vacancy-
You who watch the fog circling your vision
And despise in your darkness
And so you’re surrounded by shadow

15th April

A new age
One in which we can’t fathom
neither is it great
or small
But it ia present
Undecided of it’s power
Of it’s change

A year of growth
– or so they wish
But first you must trample
the thorns
You must be tricked and be teared
But a wind will blow

It will become of us
What it will
morph and merge
into another Being
– one which has experienced
One yet to experience

The wiser

A thank for the only man ,                       The one true person                                 Love is this blessing                                    Love within this family

Thank you for the all                                 A swing to the spirits high                       A boost to the end                                     Crashing to the light 

Our glow

A squandering of shoes,
A bright and hearty thunder
Quick. Split. Then we lose.
Lose to it and soar below, under.
Oh pity for us!
The forged figures of stars
Stars whose beat is only God’s fuss.
Start of decay- put behind bars.
But we dance and entwine
Forever glory- your glow and mine

A final goal

The culprits forced
– a wanted end parade-
Golden curtains laid
– made- let it corrupt in

your heart- that last leg
– chase- pace- race-
You- the first- worst
– this is life’s curse

Left or right –
Sent and spent- the flight
– stroke by stroke- we wait
Hope of the day when it is a true state

Let it be true,
Let me see it through.


A stillness
– it’s a glow but ever so
Dimming the bright
Dusk to a light

Stroke by blue water- stroke
– you a moon’s muse
The white crescent to the blue
Fade at a morning croak

Repeatedly – Thankfully
Rise in the darkened dusk
A necessary glow
– in this empty tapestry